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Real estate


Sale, Bidding, Co-ownership, Residential’s leases, Mortgage loans, Real estate services.

Family law


Settlement of testate succession, Marriage contract, Change in matrimonial regime, Civil Partnership , Adoption, Donation, Advice for the writing of will. 


Commercial leases,

Company by-laws, Civil and commercial company law

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There are two types of deeds :

– regulated deeds for which the notary collect standard fees.
– non regulated deeds which are rated independently.

1. Regulated deeds:

The Notaries regulated tariff is fixed by the Law n°2015-990, the decree n°2016-230 and the order of february 26th 2016.

Depending on the nature of the service, the rate is either proportional to considered capital amount (real estate sale, inheritance declaration) or flat (Contract of Civil Partnership, Will statement).

For the detailed list of rates, please refer to:
And for more information, please refer to France Notaries website :

2. Non-tariffed deeds:

Also, notaries have the possibility to collect free fees according to services exclued from the aforementionned perimeter. The Office stay at your disposal for any request and will provide you with an estimate of the fees before any operation; Such fees which will be estimated based on the time spent and on the complexity of the file.

Please note that any discount granted by a Notary is applicable to all clients. The Notary is therefore free to decide the level of granted discounts, by type of service.  Therefore, negociations cannot be negotiated on a case by case basis.


Examples :
- Certification of signature 
- Underwriting of a sales agreement
- Underwriting of prop. invest. company by-laws (excl. formalities)

- Real estate negotiation


For more information, please contact us.

Note (*): 500 € excl. tax for properties under 200 000 €

60 € excl. tax
250 € excl. tax*
1250 € excl. tax



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With more than ten years' experience gained in different studies mostly located in Paris, Philippine Pottier chose to create her Office rue Vaneau in Paris.


She graduated with a Master 2 Notarial Law PARIS I Panthéon - Sorbonne and a Master 2 in Business Law. Having completed part of her studies in Anglo-Saxon countries (Great Britain and Ireland), she also obtained an LLM in International Law (University of Kent - Canterbury - United Kingdom) "with distinction".


Philippine is married and has two children.



Responsiveness & Availability

Office at human scale, we are committed to providing a local service as well as granting our customers permanent availability.

Aware of the issues arising from each file, we are committed to responding quickly to your requests throughout the process.



We put our experience and our skills at the service of each client to ensure that their file is properly conducted.

Also, we make a point to settle your file as soon as possible; For example, we guarantee the transfer of the settlement in the month of the signing.


In a context of increasing dematerialization of exchanges, our equipment enable us to meet the our customers expectations and requirements : dematerialization, electronic signature and videoconferencing.


Office equipped with videoconferencing


Office with a designated "Informatique et Libertés" delegate



Vaneau (ligne 10)

Saint François Xavier (ligne 13)

Sèvres-Babylone (ligne 12)


Vaneau-Babylone (ligne 87)

Grenelle-Bellechasse (ligne 69)


Le Bon Marché (600m)

Montparnasse-Raspail (750m)


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